Saturday, April 5, 2014

feel like a GPS - recalculating

OK, I am home for hopefully not more than a week. Route 20 was a big mistake, so now I am recalculating my new route.

I am going to do The Erie canal trail through New York and am planning on joining The American Discovery trail in Ohio. I just have not figured out the exact details on that yet. This is a little tough, I took about 5 months on and off to plan my route before, now I have yo try to do it in a week.

I spent the last two days kind of hiding out and licking my wounds. Was fight feeling like a failure, even though I knew it was totally unsafe to keep on route 20. I've had some time to give myself an " attitude adjustment" and I am feeling better. So it is time to scramble and get my new route mapped out so I can be ready to start out again soon.


  1. Trish, Glad you are adjusting your route. When you said you were doing Rte 20, I was a bit concerned because I knew how bad it was safety wise in the Shrewsbury area by my boys. We have traveled that route going to & from the hotel to the boys house - at least once every trip, we would see people almost get hit walking on that road. God will show you the route you need to take for this journey and you will finish it. Will keep you in my prayers.

    1. Thank you for your prayers. They mean a lot.