Donate to my expenses

Please use this page only if you want to donate to my expenses while walking. There is a "Charities" page where you will be able to click right on the specific charity's website and donate to them that way. Thank you!


Thank you to Bob Hopkins who was the first to donate to my walk, thank you for your belief in me while it was still so early in the planning stages

A BIG thank you to The Ark Community Church for such a generous donation. You blew me away with your kindness. Please visit their website at:

Thank you to Steve and Laura DiIoia, once again, you were amazingly generous.

Thank you Jodi Keklak for your generous donation.

Thank you to all of my co-workers at University Facilities at University at Buffalo for such a generous donation. The timing was perfect. Just when I was starting to doubt myself and whether I was supposed to be doing this. God has always been good to send me confirmations such as these when I need them most! Thank you all!!

Thank you to Mary and Kent Hankin for their generous support and all of their prayers and encouragement.

Thank you to June Ouston for your generous donation.

Thank you Barb Coyle for your generous donation.
Thank you Betty Wolf for your generous donation
Thank you Mary Kedzierski for your generous donation

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