Monday, June 23, 2014

My last days of walking

After Dunkirk, I walked to Westfield, where I finally had to admit to myself I just didn't have enough money to go on. I stayed at the Theater Hotel in Westfield. It used to be a drive in movie theater that burned down. It was a really cute motel, styled like the older motels with harvest gold toilet and tub, yellow and pink tiling. It was really charming and the people there were very nice.

While walking to Westfield I stopped the Erie State Park and had an impromptu picnic by the beach of beef jerky and a kind bar. It was nice to take a little time and rest by the beach for a while. The weather was perfect. On the way I stopped at the Sugar Hill Golf course at the Caddyshack restaurant for dinner. It was the only restaurant I had seen since Dunkirk. It was totally worth the stop. It was decorated so adorable, kind of country charm. I had haddock stuffed with crab and shrimp which was delicious, buttery, melt in your mouth. My waitress was very sweet.

I had a friend pick me up the next day to take me home. We decided to take the drive to Presque Isle in PA. I was a little bummed to find out that I was only 10 miles from the PA boarder when I stopped. I think I will take a day and do that last 10 miles soon even if I don't ever end up going any further in my walk. Anyone up for driving me to Westfield and picking me up at the PA boarder 4-5 hours later some day soon? Presque Isle park is amazing. They have so much beach area. We spent the day walking in the sand and water and just enjoying the sun and a perfect beach day.

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