Monday, November 18, 2013

Perfect day

Saturday was the perfect combination, I had no where I needed to be and the weather was great. I went to the river to walk and got 21 miles in! Woo hoo. I had my IPOD so I was able to listen to some great music the whole way and just loose myself in the walk. It felt wonderful, even though I was sore that night. Training must be making a difference though, because before when I did 20 miles I would be stiff the whole next day too, but I wasn't this time.

I have had many people question how I can leave the security of a state job and steady paycheck to do this. My one answer is that my security does not come from a job or a paycheck, it comes from relying on God! Which is kind of a new revelation for me. I have always known this before, but now I think I finally know that I know it. (if that makes sense)

I have such a combination of excitement and fear over this walk. I think it is moving more towards excitement (at least for this week, next week might bring a whole different story).

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Hopes

I was sitting back yesterday and really thinking about what I hope for in doing this walk. First off, I hope to get great support for Northtown Pregnancy Center and Olmsted Center for Sight, and I hope to make people aware that these services are available for them. Not only here in WNY but all over the country.

Personally, I think one word describes all I hope for...discovery. I want to really discover myself. I want to find out how much I can push myself. I want to find out the person I really truly am deep down, past the walls I have built, past masks I put on, past my roles of mother, daughter, employee, the person who goes to church each week. I want to really dig deep and not be afraid to face what I find.

I want to discover my Lord, my God. I want a one to one personal relationship with Him. I want to know His voice, I want to walk where He has me walk. I don't want religion, I want relationship. I want to be able to see myself as He sees me. That means facing the lies that say I am not good enough, along with facing the lies that say I have it all together, because I am neither of these things. I want to totally open my heart to the Lord. I want my heart to ache, to long, to bleed for Him.

I want to discover God's creation. I want to see sights and colors, hear sounds and smell scents, experience things like I never have before. I want to dance on the beach, in fields of wildflowers, in the tall grasses, on the mountain tops.

Most of all, I want others to discover these things through my writing and the many pictures I am sure I will be posting along the way. I want my prayers and footsteps to be purposeful. I want to inspire others to do something amazing, no matter what it happens to be for them. In short, I guess, I want my footsteps to count!