Tuesday, June 17, 2014

having a hard time lots of foot pain

I walked to Angola, well about 5 miles out and then my mother-in-law picked me up and I stayed with her in Angola. Then the next day I walked to Irving (I had hoped to make it to Dunkirk) and my mother-in-law once again was nice enough to pick me up and let me stay with her. We stopped at Aunt Millie's on route 5 in Irving for dinner. I had what they call Thanksgiving in a bowl. It was turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn all mixed together. It was really good. This is one of my favorite restaurants. I try to go there anytime I am in the area. I have never had anything that wasn't wonderful there, and their desserts are absolutely unbelievable. Today Noelle had a follow up appointment with her Endocrinologist from after her hospital stay.  Everything went well at the doctors visit!

I am hoping to make it to Dunkirk or farther tomorrow. I am having real problems with my feet. the top of my right foot is really hurting and I am having problems going further than 10 miles right now. It is weird, it's the top of my foot, where it bends. It makes it really hard to flex my foot. Hopefully having a day of rest today will help. It is about 12 miles from Irving to Dunkirk, so I think I can do it. I am looking forward to this, Dunkirk's waterfront is beautiful.


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