Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To start with...My beliefs

My beliefs are a good place to start, since what I believe in is what started me wanting to take this journey. I believe that the universe was created by one supreme being, our God. I believe that the world was created in literal 6 days with our Lord resting on the 7th day. By literal, I mean 7 - 24 hour periods. I believe in Adam and Eve and the fall. This is not how creation was meant to be, but because of Adam and Eve's sin there is now darkness in the world. I believe that God sent his one and only Son to bring us life. I believe that Jesus died and rose again in 3 days to bring us healing and forgiveness of our sins. As I walk, I am going fully expecting to be awed and amazed by God's creation surrounding me. I am going out in fear, but also excitedly expectant. I would be foolish to not realize the dangers in doing this, but I will trust that if this is God's will, then He will protect me. Speaking of God's will, this is still not a definate thing. I am waiting to meet with my Pastors and get their discernment on this. I do believe that in order to have God's protection, I do need to be sent. I will update more soon. Let you all know more of my vision, of my planning, of the people I hope to raise money for by doing this and of course how you can support them. All will come in time. Today is just the start. I will let you know that I am busy getting set for this physically. I have lost 22 lbs so far. I have been doing P90X and have been walking. I have recently walked 7 miles, 9 miles, 11.24 miles and on Saturday I did 19 miles. I am hoping to average 20 miles a day on this journey, so I am well on my way!! As I preview, I have noticed that the paragraphs I typed are not showing. Hopefully as I go along, I will figure this one out and make this easier to read.

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