Friday, January 17, 2014

Interviewed by channel 7

I was interviewed by Channel 7 news today. I think that was even more scary than the thought of walking coast to coast. It went really well I think. They interviewed both me and Noelle. It will be showing Monday, January 20th between 5 & 6am and then at noon. I am excited to be able to get the word out there some more. I have been moving forward with sending out more proposals for sponsorship, contacting the local news and radio stations and contacting the pregnancy centers in other states to try to get people to walk alongside me and people to drive along too. Once I get the link to the interview, I will try my hardest to link it here. I am not making any promises though, LOL.

I would also like to thank Mike Campese for helping to keep me motivated to work out. He has been walking the malls with me and having someone to be accountable to really helps me to get out there and do what I need to do. Check out his website at for any of your IT needs.

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