Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Update on needs for my walk

I had posted things I will need for my trip before, but I now I will update that list with what I do have and what I still need. If you have any ideas or think of something I missed, please let me know. If you have any of these you would like to donate, that would be great (I would say lend, but with what I am doing, I cannot guarentee that anything would come back with me or what shape it would be in if it did)


Laptop or notebook. I really like the microsoft Surface 2, anyone had any experience with it?
Ipod (I actually have one, but would like one of the newer ones that have the pedometer)
Extra wheels for my cart
Packets of oatmeal, noodle mixes etc.
Unbrella for sun and rain protection
gift cards from chain restaurants - Subway, Wendy's, MacDonalds etc.
gift cards from sporting good stores
(for clothes and basics while I am walking
warm/waterproof/lightweight hiking boots
Bluetooth Headset for my phone. Looking at Jawbone, does anybody have any experience with the Jawbone/any advice?


compact/lightweight tent - I hopefully will not have to use it, but need it just in case.
Sleeping bag liner/sleep sac
Duct Tape
Yoga mat
Water bottles and water bladder
plastic bowl, utensles
Pocket knife
Rain Poncho
First Aid kit
alergy pills/vitamins
s-clips/fasteners/bungie cords
Travel Pillow
Maps and atlas
winter coat/mittens
flash light/clip on lights
bug clip
bear spray
Space bags for packing clothes/keeping dry

I will also need to bring sun screen, toiletries. I do still have proposals out to several places for footwear, laptop or notebook, Ipod (please pray that the proposals go through)

I have gotten several pairs of hiking socks, some performance wear clothing. I have gone through all of my clothing and I should have enough performance wear for now. Most of it is long sleeved and pants, so I will have to update things as I walk, but hopefully by the time I need more of the warm weather clothing I will be a few sizes smaller anyway.

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