Friday, March 28, 2014

its the hardest thing I have ever done

This is by far the most difficult thing physically I have ever done. I am questioning the sanity of an overweight 51 year old taking this on, but here I am trying to do this. Lol Some advice for anyone wanting to try this... mall walking is NOT good prep for this. I just went through Shrewsburg And though I love the people I met there, it is not s good place to be walking.

As for the people. I went to DeeDees diner in the Sears Edgemere plaza. The food was great and the people were wonderful.

As for walking, there were many places where there was no shoulder or sidewalks and they all seemed to be at the worst places like blind curves and big hills.

I am going for 17 miles tomorrow. Gonna try to get to Sturbridge.its supposed to rain tomorrow. Its not supposed to start till after 2pm. I hope they are right, and that the terrane will start to level off so I can move faster.I'll make sure my rain poncho is within easy reach.


  1. The beginning is always the hardest!! Praying you body acclimates to your routine soon!! Keep going!!! You have a lot of people rooting for you! Wearing my bracelet constantly, and I say a quick prayer every time I look at it for your encouragement and safety. It will stay on my wrist until you hit the west coast!!!!

  2. Thank you. Prayers are definitely needed and appreciated!