Monday, October 7, 2013

The charities I chose and why

I just wanted to give everyone a little idea on why I had chosen the charities that I chose.

Northtown Pregnancy Center:
I was pregnant at 17 years old and facing all the choices, do I keep the baby, give it up for adoption, or have an abortion? I was scared and confused, but I did know that I did not want an abortion. I was lucky in that my family was very supportive and stood behind my decision to keep my baby (Noelle). I don't know what I would have done if they hadn't and I was out on my own. Maybe my decisions would have been different, being scared and having no where to turn. That is why I chose to support Northtown Pregnancy Center, it will be a place to offer help and support to woman who are scared and feeling like they have nowhere else to turn. For so long we have been telling woman not to have abortions, but not offering answers or alternatives. Northtown Pregnancy Center is doing that for woman and that is why my heart lept when I first heard these woman talk of their dream. It is why I knew I needed to give them my support.

Olmstead Center for Sight:
Two years ago my daughter had a horrible migrain and went to the emergency room, where they did an MRI and found that she had a brain tumor. A Craniopharyngioma, this type of tumor is located near the optic nerve and the pituitary gland. They removed all of the tumor (so thankful that she did not have to deal with , but she was left blind in her right eye and with many more problems because her pituitary gland was no longer functioning. Dr. Castiglia, her neurosurgen is an amazing man who really did all he could for my daughter. After spending much time in the hospital and many, many, many doctors appointments, we had found out about Olmstead Center. We were in a very low place. Noelle was feeling like she had lost so much and we went to Olmstead center and they could not do enough to help her. Dr. Simons explained everything so well, there was no way we couldn't understand what was happening with her vision. The people at Olmstead were amazing, a total God send when we needed them most! So I chose Olmstead Center for Sight so that they could continue to give people hope when they needed it most.

I hope this gives you all a little insight into why I believe so strongly in these two amazing organizations. Please support them so that they can continue to be there to offer support to those in desperate need.

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