Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Busy few days

Sorry for not updating everyone sooner, but it has been a busy few days with going to my woman's retreat and all.

My meeting with Linda and Renee from Olmsted was wonderful! I really enjoyed meeting the two of them and they had some great ideas. I left the meeting really excited.

I have been going full tilt trying again to get more sponsorships. Ryka was not able to help out, so I have been contacting other sneaker stores and distributors. I still haven't gotten a printer yet either, so I am sending out proposals for that also. I plan to try a few restaurant chains also to see if maybe they could give me gift cards to use as I travel. Keep sponsorship in prayer for me please.

My woman's retreat was so amazing. It was put together by two of our ladies in their 20's. So amazing to see such giftings in such young woman. It was just what I needed to do for myself before such a big undertaking as this walk. I was refreshed and renewed. I realize that I carry The Temple of the Lord inside me and I will be bringing it with me everywhere I go. I also faced the spot where I broke my ankle. If you don't know the story...I was at the retreat I think three years ago, and we decided to walk around the lake. I steped on an uneven area in the grass and twisted and broke my ankle. This Saturday, I stopped and looked at it for a second and then walked right on by and walked about half way around the lake. It started to sleet and I needed to get back for the next session or I would have gone further. I really felt like I was supposed to fact that this weekend and it really felt great!

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