Tuesday, September 24, 2013

God is so Good!

Yesterday morning I was doubting everything. I was asking God to let me know that this walk was of Him. I know I can't do this without him by my side, it is just too much for me alone. While I was walking last night this the picture above is what I saw. It was so awesomely beautiful. The water ahead of me had this beautiful pink tinge, like a watercolor painting, that caused me to turn around and check out how beautiful the sunset was. There were this little silver fish (minows?) jumping out of the water that had me giggling. It was a good thing there wasn't anyone around me at the time, they would have thought I was nuts. As I watched a bunch of ducks in the water with the silver fish jumping all around them, I realized that those ducks had everything they needed right there. God provided for them and He will provide for me. All and all, it was a great night.

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