Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So exciting

I met with Lou Anne and Colleen from Northtowns Pregnancy Center last night. It was an amazing meeting. It really renewed my excitement about doing this walk. They had asked me to think about some of my specific prayer needs and let them know so they could include them in their e-mails. I have thought of what I need prayer for most right now (I am sure it will change as things move forward) but here are what I would appreciate prayer for right now:
1. Prayer for favor on the sponsorship requests submitted with Verizon, Ryka, Hilton and the requests I will be submitting to a printer and a sporting goods store. Please pray that God will show me any other areas that I should ask for further sponsorship and open those doors for me also.
2. People to walk with me or drive along with me even if they can only commit for one state or one city. My particular areas of worry are Wyoming and Nebraska where I could go 40-50miles without approaching a town. Having someone with a vehicle who would be able to pick me up and take me to a motel at night and then drop me off in the morning where I had left off on my walk the night before. I have the same concerns in areas with mountains, I don’t want to be stuck on the mountain at night.
3. Continued health and protection for my family especially my mother and daughter
4. Protection and healing for my body especially my feet. I have ruptured my right Achilles tendon and broke my left ankle so I have issues with pain when it is rainy or damp or I overdo it (I will definitely be overdoing it :))
5. Pray that I remain humble and always place God first in all that I do. Pray that I am always listening to His voice and walking where He has me walk, and speaking the words that He has me speak.
Thank you so much. Prayer is what I need most in all of this!

I should have the link to their website in a week. I will place it here so that you can all go and donate.

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