Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I meet with my pastor on Thursday to let him know that I would like to do this walk and who I would like to raise the funds for, so I'm kind of in limbo unitl I talk to him. Hopefully on Friday I will have gotten a go ahead from my pastor and really be ready to move ahead with everything. I have some fold out maps and have been marking my route. I plan to follow route 20 most of the way. I am debating as to whether I will take route 26 in Wyoming for a while. It looks like it would shorten my route a little and it would take me around Yellowstone National Park. I am torn about this. Do I really want to get that close to Yellowstone and not see it? But then again, Yellowstone kind of scares me with all of the wild animals and all. Even though it is not like the animals recognise borders and won't be outside of Yellowstone if I take the route that leads me around it. I still have lots of time to make a final decision. I plan to read a lot more about that area first. I hope to balance being safe with seeing as much of God's wonders as possible. I am also thinking of taking the Erie Canal trail in New York instead of sticking to route 20. It just sounds kind of interesting. I will also be checking more into that before I make a final decision. If anyone has any thoughts/helpful information, I would love to hear it.

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