Friday, September 27, 2013

This is perfect

When I saw this I had to print it up. I have one hanging at my desk at work and one on my fridge at home.

I joined Fitness 19 last night. Since I am running out of daylight hours to walk, I can go there and use the treadmills. It was really pretty cheap to join and there was no long term committment or contract. Each treadmill has a TV attached, so maybe I can find the nature channel or something and pretend I am walking outside.


  1. Let me know how that works, Trish . . . a treadmill with a tv. I've never used one. Do they have the kind that show a scene AS IF you are walking through mountains or on a beach or along a trail?

    1. I went to the gym for the first time Friday. The TV's unfortunately don't show just scenes, I wish they did that would make it feel like I am still outside walking. They do have cable, so I just have to figure out where the travel chanel or discovery chanel are. I did get 2 hours in on the treadmill. The first hour I kept the incline level and adjusted the speed as I walked. The second hour I kept the speed level and adjusted the incline. I think I will try to add 1/2 hr on the eliptical (not sure how you spell that)