Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meeting with my pastor

I am meeting with my pastor after work today to discuss doing this walk. I am not sure if I am more afraid that he will encourage me to do the walk or that he will talk me out of it. I should know by Friday whether this is a go. Then I can really buckle down and start serious planning. I can get a hold of the people I want to raise money for, really make this blog public. I have only told a few people so far. I want to wait to make it public until I am certain it is a go. At least as certain as I can be. A lot can happen before March or April gets here.

I went and bought an atlas and started marking out my route. I was just going to order one on Amazon, but I realized I really wanted to flip through the pages and compare different ones side by side to be sure it was something that would work for me.

Oh well, bye for now. Keep me in your prayers please.

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