Friday, September 6, 2013

It's a go!

I spoke to my pastor and I have his support so I am going to do this! Nervous and excited all at once. I have contacted the Northtowns Pregnancy Center since they are who I would like to raise funds for. I haven't heard back yet, but I just contacted them and I know they are at a conference, so I expect it to be a little while. I will hopefully be adding a link to their site here so that anyone can go right to them and donate. I will also set up a link to my paypal account for anyone who would like to support me and the expenses I will have preparing for the walk and while walking. Time to really start seriously planning and training! March or April will come really fast, I am sure!

If anyone knows how to do spell check on this, please let me know. I haven't figured it out yet and I am a terrible speller.


  1. What a wonderful ministry to support. God bless you and provide for your every need.

  2. I am really excited after meeting with the woman from NPC. Knowing that there are centers all over the country and being able to let others know as I am walking that they have alternatives is amazing! I am thrilled that this is so far reaching!