Monday, September 16, 2013

I walked 21.58 miles on Saturday. I can do this!! It was a nice easy pace. There were butterflies everywhere. That really made me smile. I got in 13 miles by 2pm and then ate some lunch at a nice little restaurant and relaxed for a while. I had a great phone conversation with a good friend while I was eating my lunch. Then I walked some more, checked out the wine and chocolate festival while walking and also checked out a garage sale.

This is what it will be like, getting in about 20 miles a day and taking time to enjoy the little things along the way. I do relize that there will be times when it wont be this great. Times when I will have to get 30 or more miles in to find the next town. Times when it will be rainy and cold and I will be miserable and just want to go home. But I am hoping that most of my time will be enjoying the little surprizes along the way like a nice little cafe with great food, the colors that God has used to paint the grasses, flowers, skies, water. Meeting and talking to new people, and most of all time spent alone in prayer and conversation with my Lord.

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